Hurricanes can Damage a Building’s Rooftop

After the hurricane season in Florida, your home or business may have a failing roof from missing or loose shingles. The strong winds from a hurricane can also tear away a building’s rain gutters and downspouts, leading to additional damage. If your business or home has a failing rooftop, then it requires an immediate repair before additional rain enters the surface to ruin the underlying layers such as the insulation. When enough moisture enters your home or business, it can also damage the building’s drywall and electrical wiring.

Call Us for a Professional Rooftop Inspection

Before a building’s roof caves in, you should call Grayhawk Window Systems for a rooftop inspection. While our company is known for the installation of windows and doors, we also provide roofing repairs or total replacements. We have bucket trucks or extension ladders so that we can inspect a building’s roofing materials. Our technicians can evaluate a building’s roof to determine what type of service is required along with providing an estimate for the cost of the service. We offer roofing services in Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch and Sarasota, so you can call us today at 941-487-2964 for additional information.

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